The spiral cube is a sculpture artwork designed and created by Radoslav Sultov. The spiral cube sculpture by Radoslav Sultov has a layered spiral pattern embedded on each side of the cube. Radoslav Sultov realized the spiral cube in public as a large-scale sculpture in 2008.

Sultov invented the External link opens in new tab or windowspiral cube when he was searching for a way to inscribe spiral elements in cubic shape. The result is a regular hexahedron consisting of six interconnected inner layered vortex pyramids that intersect at the core of the cube.

Radoslav Sultov’s spiral cube sculpture is installed permanently in public space in front of  BenQ Corporation-Headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan since 2010 and in front of Filharmonia Opolska in Opole, Poland since 2008.

The Spiral Cube concept & design

The spiral cube has on each side a polygonal spiral of descending rotated concentric square levels, going deeper and forming inner layered vortex pyramids that intersect a hollow square space at the core of the cube. The creator of the sculpture and the design is Radoslav Sultov, a Bulgarian sculptor, graduate of the National Academy of Fine Art in Sofia (1995-2002), External link opens in new tab or windowmember of ISSA (International Sculpture Symposium Alliance), who has installed monumental sculptures in 20 countries worldwide.

Featured at the Headquarters of BenQ corporation in Taipei Taiwan, and in the Square of the Opole Philharmonic in Poland, with its vortex patterns and endless possibilities of transformations, the spiral cube is intriguing both for adults and kids.

Sultov's sculptures with distinctive style featuring layered polygonal spirals have been realized as part of international sculpture symposia and can be seen in Asia-Pacific, Europe, China, Latin America, and North America. The spiral cube installed in front of BenQ corporate headquarters in Taiwan is one of Sultov's major artworks.

History of the spiral cube at BenQ Corp. Headquarters

In 2010 Radoslav Sultov contributed a sculpture model of the spiral cube to the international sculpture competition organized for the first BenQ International Sculpture Workshop in Taiwan with the creative theme “Cross-Border Dialogue ─ Sculpture and Environment ─ A Dialogue with Space”. BenQ International Sculpture Workshops aim to inspire and promote international art exchange, cultural intercourse, and communication among sculptors.

Sultov’s spiral cube was among the selected original sculptural works with the theme of harmony between environment and architectural space. The sculpture competition and the selection process were organized by Taichung Sculpture Association and BenQ Foundation. The selected sculptures were reviewed and evaluated by a professional jury based on the originality, creativity, and aesthetic expression of the artwork as well as the safety of the sculpture and professional experience of the sculptors.

Radoslav Sultov was among the ten invited artists whose artworks have been selected by the review committee to create the chosen artworks as part of the 2010 BenQ International Sculpture Creation Workshop in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. The creative method of the finished large-scale sculptures was outdoor on-site creation and the entire creation process was in public.

Radoslav Sultov carved the spiral cube from Taiwan white marble, cutting the square spiral pattern of descending polygonal layers on the six sides of the cube in October 2010.

The cube is mounted on one corner in a specific balanced position so it can unfold its full capacity in three-dimensional space. Mounting the 4-ton marble cube on one corner was a challenge for the installation of the sculpture since Taiwan is in a seismically active zone with frequent earthquake activities.

Sultov’s large-scale spiral cube sculpture's permanent location is in front of BenQ Corporation-Headquarters at External link opens in new tab or window12 Jihu Road Neihu, Taipei 114 Taiwan.

BenQ Foundation published a hardcover catalog “External link opens in new tab or window2010 BenQ International Sculpture Workshop ─ Sculpting a New Vision of Taiwan's Vitality” featuring the sculpture competition panel of judges, evaluation meeting, the workshop creation process with all artists, and the finished large-scale sculptures in the architectural environment.

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Origin of the spiral cube in Opole, Poland 2008

The spiral cube concept took shape in public space in 2008 as a large-scale sculpture carved in Cararra marble under the name “Digital Rhapsody / Cyfrowa rapsodia”.

The sculpture "Digital Rhapsody" by Radoslav Sultov, featuring the spiral cube shape for the first time in public space, was selected by a professional jury as one of the eight original artworks made during the 2nd International Sculpture Symposium in Opole, Poland which took place on June 27 - July 20, 2008.

The work is called Digital Rhapsody, as the symposium theme was Music. “There is a beauty in math forms and structures, which is very similar to music. The project "Digital Rhapsody" represents a visualization of a cube which has on each side a figure constructed by nesting square polygons; this pattern is a result of sequences that can be explained through mathematics – a harmony of digits, formulas, equations, patterns that make true visual rhapsody.”

Sultov created the spiral cube sculpture in public within 21 days of working in an outdoor space at Opole city center. After its completion the spiral cube was installed in the pedestrian area in Krakowska Str., but in 2019 the sculpture was moved in front of the External link opens in new tab or windowPhilharmonia in Opole at Krakowska 24 str.

Sultov carved the spiral cube from a single Carrara block of marble as a large-scale outdoors sculpture. The material for the sculpture was donated by the Italian city of Carrara, a partner city of Opole. Sultov carved the spiral square polygons on each of the five sides of the cube. The cube is set on a slanting marble pedestal in a balanced position.

The Bureau of International Affairs at Opole City Hall, organizer of the symposium, published the International Sculpture Symposium Opole 2008 Catalogue featuring each participant artist's work.

The Spiral Cube In The News

Clippings of newspaper articles featuring the spiral cube by Radoslav Sultov - Gazeta Opole (Monday, July 21, 2008); Nowa Trybuna Opolska (Monday, July 21, 2008); Telegraph-Journal (Monday, September 17, 2012) and others.

Timeline of Sultov's spiral sculptures

Radoslav Sultov created sculptures as part of sculpture symposia in public space in 20 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.

The following timeline represents some of Sultov's public spiral sculptures by year and country: